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Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd and its group companies are functioning seamlessly since 1975 to provide Medical solutions in the field of Ophthalmology, Operation Theater and Intensive Care segments. Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd has undertaken itself a Mission to Become The Trusted Partner In healthcare


Vertical Autoclaves


Vertical Type Automatic Sterilizer 50 Liter SA 300 VMA

    1.1 The innovative and versatile autoclave which combine compact and elegant design with high performance , reliability and safety

    1.2 Intelligent design sterilization programme with pre - vacuum and dry- vacuum

    1.3 Installed twenty -four (24) programme and special p[rogramme for PRION sterilization , RE-DRY (Liquid), BOWIE -DICK test , PUMP test programs for your selection

  2. Pre- vacuum function : Offer the execellent sterilization result . (Pass the BOWIE -DICK test with AAMI guideline )
  3. Dry - vacuum function : To offer the perfect dry result .
  4. Microprocessor control system : Fully automatic control from pre - Vacuum to dry
  5. Automatic add water into the chamber after first cycle pmvacuum.
  6.  Dual water level check device: One for water tank, and the other for chamber water level check.
  7.  Pressure door auto-lock device: The door can't be opened, when chamber pressure is over 0.2 kgf /cm2 .
  8. Door open indication: Indicates the chamber door is open or not closed fully.
  9. Cycle complete indication: Auto-check each working steps condition. The "COMPLETE" indicator will light on, if full cycle in correct condition.
  10. Low water alarm and indication: If water isn't enough, the "LOW-WATER" indicator will light on, and alarm you.
  11. Proheating program: Pre heating by dry heater, which is not only keep the chamber temperature in balance, but also to offer the perfect dry function".
  12. Temperature control function: Temperature control in sterilization cycle, and temperature protection to each heater by separated devices.
  13. Chamber pressure with double protection: The chamber is protected by pressure switch and steam pressure safety valve.
  14. Emergency key device: Press "EMERGENCY" Key 3 seconds will stop program and exhaust the chamber pressure at the same time.
  15. RE-DRY: Standalone program which can be used separate from the standard sterilization programs. The unique dry performance keeps your instruments in good condition and prolongs their lives.
  16. Specie| PR|ON sterilization program,
  17. Special BOWIE-DICK test program: The users can identify the perfect sterilization function with this program.
  18. The "ERROR" indication, to help the users and engineers to Dnd the function problem automatically.
  19. LIQUID steHlization program: It is a special program designed for laboratories

*Re-Dry for SA-3OOMA only. LIQUID for SA-3OOVMA only.

Vertical Type Automatic Sterilizer 50 Liter SA 300 VFA



  • A New patented unique swing door designation, easy for door open/close and safety.

  • A The innovative and versatile autoclave which combines compact and elegant design with high performance is reliable and safe. With auto-dry function, it offers great dry result.

  • Auto-chamber water level check, when you START the program.

  • Pressure door auto-lock device. The door can't be opened, when chamberpressure is over 0.2 kgf/cm2.

  • Door close indication: All functions stop, if the door isn't securely closed.

  • Cycle complete indication: The "COMPLETE" indicator will light-on, if full cycle is in a correct condition.

  • Low water alarm and indication: If water isn't enough in the chamber, the "LOW WATER" indicator will be illuminated with buzzer.

  • Pre-heating program: Pre-heating by dry heater not only keeps the chamber temperature homogenized, but also offers the good drying result.

  • Independent temperature protection switch offers double safety system.

  • LIQUID sterilization program: It is a special program designed for laboratories.


Overall dimensions (mm) 600 (W) x 980 (H)x 450 (Dep.)
CONSTRUCTION Chamber & Door: Stainless Steel #304
Net weight 81 kg
Chamber size (mm) (I) 300 (Dia.) x 710 (Dep.)
Chamber capacity 50 Liter
Capacity of water tank N/A
Water consumption per cycle 1000-1200 cc
Power supply 230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 2900W / 13 Amp, Heater 2300W, Dry Heater 600W
Standard accessories ST. ST. 304 Sterilization Basket x 2, Heater Cover x 1, 2000cc Bottle x 1, Clip x 1, Exhaust Hose x 2
Size of Basket: 0 250 (Dia.) x 251 (H) / mm
Certificate CE 0434 MDD, CE 0575 PED
Fill Water System Auto-Fill water system
Pressure Display Pressure Gauge
. Program (Function) Display LED Display
Indicator Light Power, Add-water, Heat, Ster., Exhaust, Dry, Complete, Door Closed, Low Water,
Overheated / Over pressured
Program For Selection 121C / 135C, Wrapped / Unwrapped, Dry / Un-dry, Liquid
Sterilization Temp. Selection 121C / 135C
Dry Function Auto-Dry function, Dry time 30 MIN.
Pressure Safety Valve Setup to 2.6 kg f/crin2
Over Pressured Protection Pressure Protection Switch x 1
Overheated Protection Independent Temp. Protection Device W/ Warning LED
Electric overload protection 20 amp no fuse breaker x 2
Door lock Micro switch sensor w/ warning LED
Pressure door auto-lock Yes
Chamber water level Water level sensor operating during " add water" phase (in 5 minutes) w/ warning led
Vacuum Release switch Yes
Life Time 7 Years



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