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Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd and its group companies are functioning seamlessly since 1975 to provide Medical solutions in the field of Ophthalmology, Operation Theater and Intensive Care segments. Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd has undertaken itself a Mission to Become The Trusted Partner In healthcare


Non Contact Tonometer


Reichert 7 - Auto Tonometer
One-Touch, Non-Contact Tonometry

Multiple-measurement mode:
Reichert 7 features an all-new, one-touch, multiple-measurement mode that delivers 3 or 4
measurements with a single press. This new feature saves time, increases accuracy, and ensures
the highest level of comfort for your patients.

User interface:
The touch screen interface features an easy-to-use, icon-based operating system enabling even
inexperienced users to make measurements in seconds. The full color display guides the operator
through the measurement process showing everything from the alignment of the eye, to the display
of the readings. Set up menus and instrument options are also easily accessible and simple to

Soft puff and quiet operation:
Reichert 7 is designed to make the entire measurement process a comfortable and non-intimidating
experience for patients. The instrument features the quietest operation and softest air puff of any
NCT available.

Left/Right sliding headrest:
A sliding headrest enables easy patient positioning to ensure fast and comfortable measurements.
The operator simply slides the headrest to the left or right position and the patient positions their
head against the comfortable headrest pad. Reichert 7 automatically detects which eye is being

Bright LED array for fast fixation:
The Reichert 7 nosepiece contains an array of bright LEDs. These provide an obvious visual cue to the
patient for fast fixation and alignment, thereby reducing exam time.

Accuracy, simplicity, speed:
Operation of Reichert 7 is extremely quick. Patients simply lean against the forehead rest while the
operator touches an icon on the screen to activate the fully automated alignment and IOP
measurement process. The measurement is taken with speed and simplicity unlike any other NCT,
without sacrificing accuracy.


  • Alignment is completely automated, no need for joysticks

  • No chinrest or elevation controls necessary patients simply lean against the forehead rest
    (Optional motorized chinrest is available, Catalog Number 16049)

  • Easy-to-use, touch screen user interface

  • One-touch, single or multiple-measurement mode

  • Clearly displays all measurement data

  • EMR connectivity via USB port

  • Internal printer simplifies record keeping

    Reichert 7 Specifications:
    Catalog Number: 16050
    Weight: 23 lbs., 10.4 kg
    Height: 19.75 in., 50.2 cm
    Width: 10.5 in., 26.7 cm
    Depth: 14 in., 35.6 cm
    Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Measurement Range: 0 - 60 mmHg  (7 - 60 mmHg ISO 8612 tonometer standard)

    Optional Chinrest Specifications:
    Catalog Number: 16049
    Vertical Travel: 65 mm, motorized

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