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Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd and its group companies are functioning seamlessly since 1975 to provide Medical solutions in the field of Ophthalmology, Operation Theater and Intensive Care segments. Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd has undertaken itself a Mission to Become The Trusted Partner In healthcare




Retinoscope (skiascope)
• The  retinoscope (skiascope) measures the refractive power of the eye. Refractive flaws, such as  near- and far-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be detected and diagnosed.
• With XL 3.5-V xenon lamp or HL 2.5-V halogen lamp.
• Two models are available:
•The spot-light retinoscope projects a circular light beam.
•The slit-light retinoscope with a light beam in the form of a line, simplifies detection and diagnosis of 
astigmatic refractive flaws. The reflex in the form of a line is moved vertically to the axis across the pupils of the patient with a slight oscillating movement. A shadow moves in the same or opposite direction.
Co-movement (plus lines): The patient is far-sighted. Countermovement (minus lines):
• Easy to operate with knurled thumb screw. The line and spot image can be focussed with the controls 
and turned 360º, angle read-out displayed on the integrated scale.
• Holder for hanging and placement of the fixation card into position for dynamic retinoscopy.
• Delivered with two fixation cards.
The patient’s eye can adjust optimally to the distance to the retinoscope.
• Integrated eyeglass protection.
• Bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment to the handle.
• Dust-proof, very sturdy and light casing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
• Bulbs can be quickly replaced at the base of the instrument head.
ri-scope® slit retinoscope
• Two fi xation cards for dynamic retinoscopy.
• Deluxe hard case with safety catch.
• One spare lamp.
HL 2.5V Battery Handle Type D with Rheostat (02 Alkaline Batteries)
XL 3.5V Battery Handle Type C with Rheostat     (02        Li Batteries)
XL 3.5V / 230V Plug –in handle with Rheostat with in-built charger (01 Li-ion battery)


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