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Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd and its group companies are functioning seamlessly since 1975 to provide Medical solutions in the field of Ophthalmology, Operation Theater and Intensive Care segments. Devine Medihealth Pvt Ltd has undertaken itself a Mission to Become The Trusted Partner In healthcare


Phacoemulsification Advance


The objective of modern technology should be to adapt to human needs and fulfil individual requirements. The new Megatron S4 system brings this philosophy to life with its intelligent technology concept and numerous innovative features. The Megatron S4 ensures maximum flexibility enabling surgeons to exercise their perfect surgical virtuosity in a very personal way.

hybridPUMP - Three options for creating vacuum with a dual pump system
Classic vacuum buildup: peristaltic mode, flow-controlled via peristaltic pump
Efficient vacuum buildup: venturi-effect mode, rise-time-controlled via peristaltic pump Immediate vacuum buildup: venturi-mode, rise-time-controlled via direct control pump Linear, fixed or exponential control of all vacuum modes via footswitch
hybridPUMP - Perfect vacuum for every surgical step
ocuLED - The unique intraocular LED light source in a hand piece
Reduced costs - no central light source needed
Excellent illuminatio with optimal contrast
Consistent light quality and color temperature through disposable LED hand piece
Better risk profile due to lack of infrared and ultraviolet light components when compared to
conventional light sources 20, 23 and 25 gauge straight, wide-angle and wide-angle shielded
ocuLED - Perfect illumination without central light source
unPLUG - Optional UPS and independence from external compressed air
Consistent quality of compressed air by means of internal compressor
Increased patient safety by elimination of fluctuations in complressed air supply
Optimized mobility in the operating room due to absence of compressed air tube
Interruption-free surgical procedures even with short power outages thanks to optional
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
unPLUG - Perfect supply independent of surrounding conditions
nVIEW DISPLAY - Innovative display of system parameters in the visual field of the microscope
Permanent visualization of the relevant parameters (flow, phaco power, vitrectomy cutting rate,
infusion height, surgical steps, etc.)
Dynamic update of the parameters in the display
Distraction-free operating under microscopic view
inVIEW DISPLAY - Perfect parameter display in the surgeon's field of vision
High-Speed Vitrectomy
Wide selection of magnetic and pneumatic vitrectors
Traction-free surgery directly at the retina with the Uno Colorline vitrectors
Cutting rate up to 4,000 cpm

Small Incision Surgery
Optimized complete system for MICS and CMP
Device parameters perfectly tailored to micro-phaco accessories --
Patented high-performance accessories for biaxial and coaxial micro-phaco

Freely programmable footswitch with hot-switch function
Nearly limitless assignment of the 10 functions
Immediate switching between the device modes with the hot-switch function without releasing the footswitch
Linear, fixed and exponential control via bidirectional footswitch

User-interface design
Flexible customization of settings to suit individual needs
Individual programming of the single surgical steps with comfort set-value entry
Up to 20 surgeons with up to 20 surgeries with 20 specific surgical steps storable

LAN remote diagnosis
Best technical support
Quick and efficient remote diagnosis
Easy connection with a standard LAN port

Geuder Mega Tip
Highly efficient thanks to its unique and patented design
Emulsification inside the needle and not just at the tip
Perfect ultrasound efficiency: significant reduction in phaco power and time
Improved irrigation/aspiration balance
CMP line for perfect ultrasound switching with varying incision sizes


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